Raleigh Home Show Manager

Chiara Renella-Brooks
Show Manager

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Desk: (919) 334-0051 x 201
Cell: (919) 306-9463

Questions about show sponsorship opportunities? Ask me!

Chiara's Top Exhibitor Tip: "Get to know our show team; we're all here to help you make the most of your home show exhibiting experience! Reach out with your questions before, during, and after the show."

Erin Calabritto Headshot


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Desk: (919) 334-0051 x 203
Cell: (386) 334-1713

Questions about attending the show, participating in show features, move-in, move-out, or display requirements for your exhibit space? Ask me!

Erin's Top Exhibitor Tip: "Save time, frustration, and money by reviewing your Exhibitor Kit well in advance of move-in to familiarize your team with our guidelines and important due dates. Preparation is the key to a successful show!"

Raleigh Home Show Sales Consultant

Stacey Hahn
Exhibit Sales Consultant
Companies:  A-K

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Desk (919) 334-0051 x 206
Cell (984) 204-3640

Interested in learning more about booth space or marketing opportunities in our shows? Ask me!

Stacey's Top Exhibitor Tip: "Have a plan to collect contact information for leads and hot prospects during the show and, most importantly, connect with them after the show to set appointments or close the sale."

Raleigh Home Show Book a Booth

Taylor Treadaway
Exhibit Sales Consultant
Companies: L-Z

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Desk: (919) 334-0051 x 207
Cell: (919) 946-6519

Interested in learning more about booth space or marketing opportunities in our shows? Ask me!

Taylor's Top Exhibitor Tip:
"When laying out your booth design, keep it open and welcoming (not closed off or cluttered) so attendees feel invited into your space to shop, speak with you, and set appointments!"

Hannah Lewis Headshot

Hannah Lewis
Show | Office Administrator

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Desk: (919) 334-0051 x 205
Questions about billing, payments for the show, or your Exhibitor Listing? Ask me!

Hannah's Top Exhibitor Tip: "Don't be shy; ask our team for feedback on your booth setup and sales approach during your first show so that you can get the best possible immediate results and plan ahead for your next show!"

For media inquiries, please contact: 
Dayna Hanson, Consumer Marketing Manager, DaynaH@mpeshows.com

For social media inquiries, please contact:  

Hailey Mallow, Social Media + Email Coordinator, HaileyM@mpeshows.com

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